New study finds the one thing on your CV that is most likely to stop you getting hired 6 years ago

New study finds the one thing on your CV that is most likely to stop you getting hired

The age old advice of what to do when applying for a new job is actually damaging your chances of getting hired.

Listen, it is probably something we've all done - or advised someone else to do - at some point or another: exaggerate on your CV. Or if massaging the truth a little isn't doing the job, then straight up lie.


Even goodie-two-shows Lisa Simpson has done it:

Clip via DrRockso1987

However, according to a new study (via, the one thing that employers truly dislike the most is potential employees exaggerating or telling fibs on their resume.


Out of the 460 hiring managers across Australia who were polled, 68% of them stated that they immediately disqualified a candidate once it became clear that they had dishonest or exaggerated information on their job application.

Most of the hiring managers had actually caught out the applicant lying mid-interview (GAH! The awkwardness!), with the top stuff folks lie about to get the job being previous work experience (60%), education qualifications (48%), technical skills (also 48%), language skills (30%) and previous internships (25%).

Recruitment agency director Andrew Morris said that the problems went beyond just not getting the job:

"Even minor embellishments have consequences that can come back to haunt professionals throughout their career. If they’re successful in securing the job, and get caught later, it will most likely result in termination, damage the candidate’s reputation, and eliminate the option of obtaining a positive reference for future employment.”


So what's the best approach to take when typing up the CV?

Morris says to keep it short, to the point, containing relevant keywords to the job you're applying for, and most of all... be honest!