Skittles' new adverts featuring David Schwimmer are incredibly weird 3 years ago

Skittles' new adverts featuring David Schwimmer are incredibly weird

Even weirder than Ross' strangest moments in Friends.

Remember when Emily left Ross in Friends and he went through a little bit of a weird stage? You know, there was that whole arc about his rage, a level of love for a sandwich that only Joey could match and then he was caught - quite literally - with his leather trousers down.


All things considered, like many of our beloved Friends characters, Ross was a pretty weird dude at times. I mean, there was also that episode where he started fancying his cousin and he also dated Rachel's sister. Oh yeah, there was also a flashback episode where he's revealed to be Monica's first kiss. Weird.

Anyways, since Friends finished 14 years ago - yes, it has been that long - Davis Schwimmer has been very busy and he received an Emmy nomination in 2016 for his role as Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story.

This being said, his latest role requires a bit of a brain pivot...pivot...PIVOT! Skittles’ 60-second Super Bowl adverts are famous for being totally bonkers and Schwimmer has embraced the madness.

Here he is betraying his own beloved sandwich from those Thanksgiving leftovers in Friends.

Clearly rocking the same wig from those twins in The Matrix Reloaded.


He's not a paleontologist anymore.

This clip is even weirder than Joey's play where he had to go to Blargon 7 in search of alternative fuels.