Mystery over 'dead husband' spotted in Indian restaurant has been solved 9 months ago

Mystery over 'dead husband' spotted in Indian restaurant has been solved

The man's son has spoken out

The mystery surrounding a woman's 'dead husband' being seen in a recent social media video for an Indian restaurant has been solved.


Spice Cottage, West Sussex, became the centre of a social media storm last week after they uploaded a video with the caption "New year, new mood".

Diners can be seen tucking into meals as waiters attend to customers in the clip, which ends with a round of applause for the staff.

But the comments took a surprising twist after one woman wrote in with a rather peculiar concern - that her late husband Harry was in the video.

Widow Lucy Watson claimed her dead husband was in the social media video from Spice Cottage (Facebook)

Lucy Watson commented: "How old is the footage? My late husband and his son are on the first shot and he died in 2014??"

The restaurant was quick to clarify that the footage was "recorded last week", meaning it could not be her late husband.

Watson wasn't having any of it though, and accused them of lying, to which the restaurant explained that the video showed new refurbishments, proof that it was recently filmed.


The comments had more than 100 responses from other social media users who shared their own theories - but we now have an answer to the mystery, thanks to Harry's son, Alex.

Alex (right), 39, has come forward to settle the matter (Facebook)

Speaking to the MailOnline, he explained: "No way. It's not my dad and it's not me. She's got it wrong."

Alex admitted that the Facebook comments proved people were "really intrigued about" the mystery and "really want to know the answers", but he didn't have any juicy details to offer - it was simply a mistake from Watson.

"The answer is that it's not my dad – that's it," he said.

"It's not him and it's not me. When I opened up my laptop it's completely obvious. Anyone who knew my dad would know that straight away," Alex argued.

He continued: "The guy in the video looks like he's bald for starters. He's got hair on the side but he's bald on top. The guy who is opposite him is older than me."

Alex added that he felt "sorry" for the restaurant.


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