Deliveroo reveal that one customer ordered food to his "broken down Fiesta" on the M50 2 years ago

Deliveroo reveal that one customer ordered food to his "broken down Fiesta" on the M50

You have to admire that kind of hustle.

Food delivery app Deliveroo have released their own picks for the strangest orders they've had since beginning operations in Ireland.


Top of the list, and certainly our favourite, was one man who broke down on the motorway near Tymon Park in Dublin, and ordered Deliveroo to his location.

His additional instructions simply read, "Look out for the broken down Fiesta."

Another (secret) delivery was made to the maternity ward of Galway University Hospital, where a young mother had given up on hospital food.

This gem featured a woman in Dublin who asked the courier to hide a pizza under her car for fear that her housemates would eat it first.


The instruction note read: "Please, please, please hide my pizza under my car as I won’t be there and my house mates keep eating my food!"

We have a lot of sympathy for one Deliveroo courier who was asked to sing happy birthday upon arrival with the food, though the statement from the company says he was "more than happy to oblige."

Lastly, one delivery was made on Christmas eve - to be delivered no earlier than the next hour - as the family it was for was goig to mass.

Joe Groves, Head of Consumers Comms at Deliveroo Ireland, said:


"Food delivery is less about getting that ‘Saturday night takeaway’ nowadays, because different people have different needs and circumstances.

"Deliveroo recognises this, and we will always do our very best to ensure that our service meets your needs, whatever your circumstances may be," he added.