Die Hard fans can now experience an interactive version of Nakatomi Plaza 3 years ago

Die Hard fans can now experience an interactive version of Nakatomi Plaza

Yippee ki-yay. Fancy walking in John McClane's footsteps?

When it comes to turning this Glasgow landmark into Nakatomi Plaza, we reckon that it's going to need a paint job and a shitload of screen doors.


Yes, that's right. The scene of Hans Gruber's greatest crime will be available for Die Hard fans to visit because an interactive experience is launching next month.

Glasgow's old College of Building & Printing will be turned into the crown jewel of Joe Takagi's business empire. Granted, we don't think they've got $640 million of bearer bonds locked away in the 30th floor but it's worth a look!

Ok, so what does this interactive Die Hard experience involve?  There's going to be themed areas on the 13th floor where you can explore. Any chance of a Harry Ellis impersonator making an appearance? After all, he's 'Hans Bubby's' white knight.

While walking around this interactive experience, we wonder if you'll happen to 'stumble' onto some C-4 or detonators?

Aside from this, you can relax and enjoy a Die Hard cocktail before a screening of the movie. Then again, there's a better way to relax. Just make fists with your toes while walking on the rug barefoot. It's better than a shower and a hot cup of coffee. Anyways, just make sure to have your shoes because you don't want to be picking shards of glass from your feet.

The event is part of the Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) and all information can be found on the official website.

Now I have a machine gun ticket ...Ho-Ho-Ho!