Dogs Trust Ireland offering temporary foster care for the dogs of frontline workers 2 months ago

Dogs Trust Ireland offering temporary foster care for the dogs of frontline workers

A really brilliant idea.

At a time of unprecedented pressure on certain essential workers - especially those in the healthcare sector - Dogs Trust have offered to take care of the dogs of those who are missing their owners more than usual.

To help alleviate the worry that their dogs may be missing their walks, their scratches and human interaction of all kinds, the charity is providing frontline staff with a free Dogs Trust Frontline Foster Care card which will allow them to sign up to a special temporary fostering programme that they can avail of at any time.

Karla Dunne, Head of Operations at Dogs Trust Ireland, said of the initiative: "Although dogs are a fantastic emotional support to their owners, the majority of our frontline workers are working extra days and longer shifts now so may be worried about their dogs on top of everything else and that’s where our team can help.

"As with all dogs in our foster programme, we take great time and care to ensure they are matched with the perfect temporary home for them and their needs and we are delighted that we can now extend this to frontline staff so they can rest assured that their dog will be loved and cared for while they are caring for others or keeping essential services operational."

Dogs Trust have assured that their staff would collect the dog while wearing proper PPE and observing social distancing guidelines, bring the dog to their rehoming centre where hygiene protocols would be followed, and then later deliver them to their suitable foster family.

While there is no time limit on the foster programme due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, Dogs Trust have said that there is a minimum foster period of two weeks, as "moving backwards and forwards regularly could be stressful for the dog."

Those who have applied for foster dogs cannot currently visit the rehoming centre, so the vetting process is being carried out online, with applicants sending photos of their secure homes, backyards, and sleeping areas for the dog to Dogs Trust.

Essential workers can learn more, or sign up for the programme, at