This is how you should drink a whiskey, according to experts 2 years ago

This is how you should drink a whiskey, according to experts

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What has science ever done for us?

Sure, there’s all that medicine, engineering and technology. But apart from that, what has it ever done for us?

Well, what if it could improve the way you enjoy your favourite tipple? If you’re fond of a glass of whiskey, science has finally provided an answer to the burning question of our time. Should you drink it straight, on the rocks or with a drop of water?

how you should drink a whiskey

You probably remember seeing ol’ fellas at a bar mixing their whiskey with a drop of water. Well, it turns out they were on to something.

A scientific study has found that whiskey’s distinctive taste is heavily linked to a molecule called guaiacol. The study investigated how dilution affected guaiacol, which ultimately affects the taste.

Apparently, adding a drop of water to a whiskey causes the guaiacol molecules to float to the surface which enhances the smell and taste. This effect is even more pronounced in Scottish whisky, which contains even higher concentrations of guaiacol molecules. So there you have it.

how you should drink a whiskey

Although, realistically, how you drink whiskey will ultimately come down to personal taste. If you want to drown your whiskey in coke, that’s your prerogative. Even if your whiskey snob friends threaten to disown you.

It’s easy to see science as something that happens in distant labs but this study highlights that science is all around us in our daily lives. For instance, footballers demonstrate Newton’s second law of motion every time they kick a ball. Just don’t ask them to explain it.

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Brought to you by Science Foundation Ireland.