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05th Nov 2017

Blindfolded woman stopped during traffic checkpoint in Tyrone

She had a valid reason...



The Blindfolded woman did not want to give the police her destination.

Before you ask, sadly we don’t have a picture of the woman in question nor do we have a snap of the police officer’s face when they pulled the car over, but it’s safe to say both would be priceless.

When we heard about this story first, it reminded us of when Keith Barry used to blindfold himself and drive random celebrities in his car at fast speeds with a bag over his head.


Clip via Keith Barry Videos

Thankfully, the woman in question wasn’t driving but it still caused quite a bit of confusion when the car was pulled over and police officers spotted the strange attire of the passenger.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, a couple’s romantic anniversary surprise getaway was halted when police pulled them over at a checkpoint in Omagh, Tyrone.

Officers stopped the car and quizzed the driver about their destination to which the blindfolded woman replied: “please don’t make him tell you.”

Some extreme embarrassment came over the woman but her driver was more than happy to tell police that she was in the middle of being whisked away to a secret location for a surprise break, cute enough.

Police said: “Needless to say we didn’t ruin the surprise by pressing him, but we would love to know where you were going? So if you’re reading this please let us know where you ended up. We hope you had a lovely time.”