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21st Mar 2019

This Dublin pub is having a Brexit-themed party on Friday 29 March

Rory Cashin

brexit party

One of the cocktails is the D.U.Pina Colada. Which is pure genius.

You know the way in movies and TV shows that deal with the impending apocalypse, there is always someone, somewhere, who has set up a Party For The End Of The World?

Well, while this isn’t quite that, it isn’t a million miles away from that either. It’s half apocalypse pints, half leaving drinks for all of the UK.

Yep, on the night of Friday 29 March, Searson’s on Baggot Street in Dublin are hosting a Brexit-themed party, giving the UK a fitting send-off as they embark on… who knows what.

It will be free admission, with a live gig by The Backstop Boys: a one-off EU supergroup, formed specially for the night! There’ll also be a DJ playing all of the UK greats like Bowie, Queen, Oasis, Elton, Spice Girls, Madness, Blur, The Bee Gees, Take That, and loads more.

They’re also putting together a series of special cocktails for the night, including the ‘Theresa Maytini’ – which they’ve described as a Martini with a sour twist – as well as an ‘Old Fashioned Tory’, and, yes, a ‘D.U.Pina Colada’!

It all kicks off at 8pm, and with the proviso that if the UK is granted an extension, guests will enjoy a bar extension, too.

uk leaving party

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