WATCH: Dublin Bus driver takes on Nepal bus-route, is our new national hero 10 months ago

WATCH: Dublin Bus driver takes on Nepal bus-route, is our new national hero

"Hold on, where is this place? South Asia?!"

As part of the RTE documentary series Toughest Place To Be, a number of Irish people are sent abroad to do the jobs they do here, but do them there.

Sounds simple enough right? Well...

Let us introduce you to Christie, the driver for Dublin Bus, who swaps out his regular route of the Number 27 bus, for the slightly more exotic Kathmandu in Nepal.

When the show - which is being shown again on RTÉ1 on Tuesday night at 9.35pm - was repeated on late night TV, JOE reader Stephen was watching it and clocked just how much of a hero Christie actually is, and took it upon himself to edit a Best Of Christie Compilation video, and once you watch it, you'll understand why Christie deserved his own video, and why he should be getting his own show.

Our personal highlights:

  • "The furthest I've ever been is Lanzarote!"
  • "I thought he was after running your man over there!"
  • "You'll have to get the council on to sort out your roads!"
  • "Me arse is numb."

And the soon to be iconic:

  • "They're lovely goats, love!"

Clip via VideoBase

The episode in full can be watched right here.


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