Dublin climbs into top 20 of most reputable cities in the world 9 years ago

Dublin climbs into top 20 of most reputable cities in the world

Dublin ranks ahead of New York, Paris, Barcelona and Rome according to City RepTrak 2013.

The results of the study, announced today by Corporate Reputations and the Reputations Institute, revealed that Sydney has emerged as the city with the best reputation, followed closely by Toronto, Stockholm, Vienna and Venice.


Dublin has moved up 10 places from last year and is credited as being a crucial driver in Ireland’s economy, accounting for four of every 10 jobs in the country.

The Reputation Institute gathered its data from a large sample, an online poll of some 22,000 people in the G8 countries, which it ran in January and February of this year. The Institute instructed respondents only to answer questions about cities they knew. Some 200-300 people ranked each of the 100 cities.

Of the 13 categories each city was placed under, the two deemed most important were whether the city is considered beautiful, and whether it is a safe place for visitors and residents.

The City RepTrak findings follow on from the Country RepTrak 2013 report which placed Ireland in 12th most reputable country in the world, improving from 15th place in 2012.