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Our favourite has to be "Diesel". You'll know why when you hear it.

As part of the Dublin Docklands regeneration project, a film-crew sat down with some of the old dockers who worked there.

While they were being interviewed, the film crew kept hearing the hilarious nicknames that the workers kept calling each other, and decided to put together this hilarious compilation of some of the best of them.

"Once it was said, and once the stamp went on you, that was it forever, you never got rid of it again. That was it, you've had it. And the more you talked, and tried to contradict it, the more it stuck," explains one of the docklands employees.

"In a factory, if you said the things that were said on the docks, as a norm... you'd probably get sacked."

And seriously, when they explain why one of the workers was called "Diesel", it truly is inspired...


Clip via Dublin Port Company

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