Dublin is getting a brand new version of Monopoly and the cheapest location has been revealed 7 months ago

Dublin is getting a brand new version of Monopoly and the cheapest location has been revealed

There will be some craic playing this.

In terms of rivalling the greed, despair and anger that defines the actual property market in Dublin, only one game can genuinely come close, Monopoly.

After all, the iconic board game rewards people that are ruthless, deceptive and cutthroat when it comes to boosting their personal finances - all traits you can associate with some landlords in the capital in an increasingly unregulated market.

All things considered, Monopoly is a perfect way to learn the cruelest of lessons - people suck - but if you're not a millionaire and want to buy some fancy property in the capital, Winning Moves/Hasbro have just the thing for you because they're launching a new Dublin version of the iconic board.

In fact, they've revealed the cheapest location to buy and it’s Dublin’s most famous bridge.

The beloved Ha’Penny Bridge began life as a halfpenny toll bridge with bustling turnstiles on each side. The necessity to pay the toll came to an end in 1919 but from next month, the charges are back... sort of.

The Ha’Penny Bridge will be on this new version of Dublin's Monopoly board and the iconic location will be the board’s most moderately ranked location.

If players land on it they will have to pay rent, although it would be the least amount of rent for any property on the new board.

Basically, if a player lands on the Ha’Penny Bridge,  they shouldn't be bankrupt due to its low value.

Robert Osborne of Winning Moves, the makers of the new official board, said that he felt very strongly about including the Ha’Penny Bridge in this new version.

“Finding the Dublin equivalent of Old Kent Road from the classic London version of the original Monopoly game has proved a challenge as we have put this board together over the last few months," he said.

"But the Ha’Penny Bridge fitted the bill perfectly. Firstly its’ great name lends itself to the most moderately ranked location in the Monopoly game. Also it’s very iconic – like the space it now occupies on the forthcoming Dublin Monopoly game. This spot may be low in value but it’s very high in cachet."

In the new game, all the traditional Monopoly multi-coloured streets will be reimagined with leading Dublin landmarks.

The Community Chest and Chance cards will be largely Dublin-themed too, with one sending players paddleboarding to the famous Poolbeg Lighthouse. Another feature of the new game sees the four train stations from the game’s original handed over to a ‘travel’ theme.

The new board will be available from 1 November at Arnotts, Waterstones, WH Smith, The Works and all major retailers, as well as being widely online on sites such as Amazon.

Perfect for a Christmas argument with your family.