Dublin man perfectly sums up the magic of sport in Ireland 2 weeks ago

Dublin man perfectly sums up the magic of sport in Ireland

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A Dublin-based spoken word poet has captured the highs and lows of Ireland's sporting culture...


It goes without saying that it's been an exciting few months for Irish sports fans.

The Euros kickstarted a summer of sport, followed by the Olympics and Parlympics and more recently, we've all been on the edge of our seats watching Ireland take on Japan and New Zealand in the Autumn Internationals.

After a year-and-a-bit of very few live sporting events, we all have a newfound appreciation for the celebrations that come with any live match. Win or lose, the atmosphere is always unbeatable, and we don't doubt that 2022 will be similar.

To mark the very special occasion, Sprite have teamed up with spoken word poet Dan Savage, to capture the magic of Ireland's sporting culture.

He sums up Ireland's love of sport perfectly in this clip, highlighting that Sweet comes with Sour when it comes to the end result.

Check it out...


Sprite_SCWS_Sports JOE_4-5 from Lovin Media Group on Vimeo.

Speaking of taking the sweet with the sour, Sprite is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy no matter what the occasion.

With a refreshing lemon and lime taste, Sprite is all about enjoying those iconic cultural moments, taking the win with the losses and embracing the highs and lows of any match.

In life and in Sprite– Sweet comes with Sour. 

Brought to you by Sprite