This person in Dublin was having absolutely none of the clampers 11 months ago

This person in Dublin was having absolutely none of the clampers

Not a single f*ck given...

Irish people, and indeed people in general, have a hate/hate relationship with clamping authorities.

As we've previously noted, the clampers in Dublin are notorious for being on the ball if you fail to get yourself a ticket, or indeed, if it runs out. Now, that's not doing a disservice to other clampers in the country, we're sure you're on the ball as well and there's plenty of people out there cursing your names.

But we saw before that no vehicle is immune to clamping in Dublin.

But it seems they don't always have it their own way, as this image captured by Eamonn Gaffney, on Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin shows.

This is one fee the clampers won't be getting it seems...


In June this year, a number of changes to regulations regarding the clamping of vehicles in Ireland came into effect.

The main provisions provided for under the Vehicle Clamping Act of 2015 include the following:

  • Regulation of clamping and related activities
  • Establishment of a two-tier appeals process to hear appeals against clamping or relocation
  • Provision of appropriate signage in places where clamping is operated
  • Setting of maximum clamp release and vehicle relocation charges
  • Establishment of a code of practice
  • Provision of necessary enforcement and investigative powers to investigate and prosecute any alleged breaches of regulations made
Cheers to Eamonn Gaffney for sending this our way. 
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