Dublin Zoo offering half price tickets this weekend 1 year ago

Dublin Zoo offering half price tickets this weekend

Great news for all involved.

Animals are pretty good.


Here's a list of reasons why:

They're cuddly, they're entertaining, they're even a bit gas and loveable if you get them at the right time.

Decent bunch of lads in fairness, and this weekend you're going to be able to go see them at Dublin Zoo for half the price you normally would.


To celebrate World Animal Day, the zoo is offering attendees the chance to visit in Phoenix Park for half price this weekend on Saturday and Sunday October 12 and 13.

Half price tickets were also available last weekend, too, in case you weren't aware.

However, if you're in any way inclined to go see the animals this weekend, make sure to get your tickets at the actual zoo and not online.


Those won't count.

World Animal Day is marked annually on 4 October.

It's an international day of action and awareness for animals that may be endangered species. The day also helps promote protecting natural habitats and supporting animal welfare.