Two Dubliners officially got married to avoid inheritance taxes 4 years ago

Two Dubliners officially got married to avoid inheritance taxes

So that happened...

The two best friends who caused controversy (and shocked poor Joe Duffy) over their decision to get married in order to avoid inheritance taxes officially tied the knot.


85-year-old Matt Murphy married his friend Michael O’Sullivan at the Registrar's Office in Dublin today (22 December).

The pair have been best friends for almost 30 years, but Matt had never married, while Michael is separated with two children.

They decided to get married so Michael could inherit Matt's house without having to pay the hefty Capital Acquisition Tax.

Both men had been open about their intentions with this partnership, explaining on Joe Duffy's Liveline why it was that two heterosexual males had chosen to become wed.


"It's really a business thing," Matt told the bemused Liveline host. "He'd be part of my life. When I die, whatever I have, i.e. my home - there'd be no problems - he can have it.

"Nowadays this is official, and he has an official divorce.

"If he's prepared to look after me in my old age - this will be my 85th Christmas on Earth - I thought it was a very good thing that came into my head."

While talking to Joe, Matt also explained that the pair were originally going to share their vows down in Tipperary at a friends house on 22 December, before issues concerning the weather pushed the date back to January.


However, they had since changed the date and location so as to have a ceremony on the 22nd once again.