What it's like spending a day in Dzogchen Beara, County Cork's Buddhist temple 3 years ago

What it's like spending a day in Dzogchen Beara, County Cork's Buddhist temple

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Culture writer Sarah Hanrahan spent some time in the Rebel County's Buddhist temple.


Don't tell the people of Cork (they love the place enough as it is), but it truly is in a league of its own. From the lush green hills in the west to the coastal towns and bopping city centre, there's already a long list of things to cross off on a trip to Cork.

The latest addition might be a surprising one; a Buddhist temple. As culture writer Sarah Hanrahan found out on a recent trip, there aren't many other places like this in Ireland.

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Like something from a fairytale


The Tibetan Buddhist centre of Dzogchen Beara offers a slice of tranquility nestled in idealistic surrounding wild and beautiful Beara Peninsula which resemble those from an Irish book of fairytales.

The cottage accommodation shuns wifi in favour of a more present experience but, entertainment in the form of social media or streaming sites suddenly seems incredibly lacklustre when the beauty of the people’s republic is framed perfectly through your cottage window.

You can drop in for a coffee or a guided meditation class while passing through the beautiful landscape of Dzogchen Beara or, check into their variety of accommodation offerings on site to avail of their services (which include listening services) in a less momentary manner.

They run a variety of retreats which focus on helping attendees with different areas of their lives from cultivating compassion to facing loss and healing grief, all in an atmosphere which many Tibetan masters describe as offering ‘profound peace which comes from deep spiritual practice’.

“It’s a place where you can find true rest, you can release yourself from all the stresses of your daily life, people often comment after their stay they feel renewed, reconnected with themselves,” Malcolm MacClancy, the centre director said.

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