€751 was the highest taxi fare charged by one Irish taxi company in 2019 and it sounds like some journey 1 year ago

€751 was the highest taxi fare charged by one Irish taxi company in 2019 and it sounds like some journey

Also, massive respect to the person who took a taxi from Dublin's Shelbourne Hotel to Grafton Street.

With 2019 drawing to a close, it's very likely that people around the country will be doing a mad-dash scramble to get home for Christmas.


Yep, it's going to be like Home Alone meets Planes, Trains and Automobiles over the coming weeks but there are always some folk that will be working right through the festive season.

Heroes, one and all.

The coming weeks are incredibly busy for taxi drivers across the county and Lynk - Dublin’s taxi booking app -  have released some of their most entertaining and interesting stats for 2019, including the highest fare and most unusual items left behind by passengers.

€751 was the highest fare for a Lynk taxi passenger in 2019. The hefty tab involved a lengthy trip from Dublin to Westport and back after a business passenger needed to get to an important meeting.

In comparison, the shortest trip taken was from the Shelbourne Hotel to Grafton Street. Yikes! You can legitimately see Grafton Street when standing outside of the hotel. A mere stone's throw away. We're sure the passenger had their reasons.

Lynk also revealed that the most popular booking time for the service was 8am and shed some light on what was left behind in their taxis in 2019.

While common items showing up in the Lynk lost and found included phones (32%), wallets or bags (22%) and shopping (13%), one unfortunate bride-to-be left her wedding dress behind, having forgotten it was in the boot.


In terms of other strange requests, meanwhile, one woman asked a taxi driver to transport her budgie from Dublin to Brussels because no airline would allow her to travel with it.

Unfortunately, 122 passengers jumped out the car before paying their fare, while another 57 passengers got sick in the vehicle.

Here's an infographic which explains some of the more interesting information that the company dealt with in 2019.