Electric Ireland's Powering Kindness week is back and JOE is supporting the Irish Heart Foundation 7 years ago

Electric Ireland's Powering Kindness week is back and JOE is supporting the Irish Heart Foundation

It costs nothing to be kind... but it can raise a fortune.

The Electric Ireland Powering Kindness week is back and the JOE team is ready to start our support for the Irish Heart Foundation.



The week, which takes place from January 17-23, is all about being that little bit more kind and raising funds for three wonderful organisations: The Irish Heart Foundation, The Marie Keating Foundation and ISPCCC Childline.

You decide who gets the largest share by getting on social media, telling us about your act of kindness and using the #PoweringKindness while tagging @IrishHeart_ie, @MarieKeating or @ISPCCChildline.

The charity with the most kindness done in their name will win the largest share of the €130,000 prize fund.

Your deed could be as simple as being nice to someone at work, paying someone a compliment, giving someone a surprise treat, or paying tribute to someone who’s inspired you. You can even tell a Liverpool fan that "it's going to be their year."

Us Irish are renowned for our kindness so let's enhance this reputation. Remember, kindness is contagious, and we all can play our part in making this the kindest nation on the planet. So get motoring... ah go 'wan.

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JOE is putting our weight behind the Irish Heart Foundation, while the lovely ladies at Her.ie are backing the Marie Keating Foundation and HerFamily.ie are supporting ISPCC Childline.

The Irish Heart Foundation is a national charity fighting heart disease and stroke and is 92% funded by public donations.

They do excellent work trying to educate the public and support those who suffer from heart problems.

Heart disease is Ireland's number one killer, but the Irish Heart Foundation are doing everything they can to change this.

JOE has got their back. Join us in doing something lovely for another human being by putting it on Twitter and tagging @IrishHeart_ie, because the simplest act of kindness can make a huge difference.


Tell us about your kindness on social media by using #poweringkindness or by visiting poweringkindness.ie

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To dedicate your kindness to charity make sure you include @ISPCCChildline, @IrishHeart_ie or @MarieKeating