One Irish person wins big in record-matching €190 million Euromillions draw 5 years ago

One Irish person wins big in record-matching €190 million Euromillions draw

Was it you?

The numbers for Friday's Euromillions draw have been announced and did we happen to mention that it is a massive €190 million tonight?



The concept is simple: to win, players have to successfully match all five numbers as well as the two lucky stars. However, no one has managed to do so for the past eight draws, which has resulted in the humongous jackpot.

Some lucky duck finally managed to collect the jackpot by matching all five and the two lucky starts but it wasn't anyone from Ireland (sad face).


However, thousands of Irish people won sums between €4 and €27,911: if you want to find out if you’re one of them, check your ticket and see if they match the winning numbers on the night, which were 1, 9, 15, 19, 25 and The Lucky Stars were 1 and 7.

We have some good news too, there was a jackpot winner in the Plus draw which saw one lucky Irish winner scoop up a whopping €500,000 which would be absolutely ideal coming into the weekend.

The winning numbers for the Euromillions Plus draw were 3, 22, 36, 38, 45, so getting checking your tickets and who knows, it could have been you.

If you had no luck with either of those draws, then you might have gotten something on the winning Ireland only raffle numbers which were:

  • I-CRH-40042;
  • I-CRH-75618;
  • I-CRJ-33422;
  • I-CRL-76374;
  • I-CRN-59541;
  • I-CRQ-61980;
  • I-CRR-75552;
  • I-CRT-42034;
  • I-CRT-45789;
  • I-CRX-67834.