10 of the best European city breaks to visit with your other half 3 years ago

10 of the best European city breaks to visit with your other half

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Fancy a break?

Europe is now closer than ever, unless you're living in the post-Brexit UK. In which case, you should probably be exploiting that EU passport while you still can!

Still, it's now easier than ever to skip off to Europe for a short break with your other half. The benefits of taking a European city break are obvious. You get to go abroad without using all your holidays, you don't need to save for weeks and you can imagine what it's like to be a jet setter.

So what are the best places to go if you're planning a European city break? We looked at 10 of the best options for couples.

10. Krakow, Poland

Krakow’s Old Town looks like it's been used as a storage facility for impressive museums, soaring buildings and fancy churches. Plus it's hard not to be impressed by Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest market square. You’ll also get plenty of bang for your buck, making it a great spot for a spontaneous weekend away.

What to do: The city is steeped in history and the best way to experience is to go on a free walking tour. If you like it, you can tip your guide but there’s no pressure.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s an old maritime city but its traditional trimmings are offset with a lively modernity. Great food, fantastic wine, friendly locals, sun and a seaside setting – what’s not to love?

What to do: Hop on one of the old-fashioned trams that rumble up and down Lisbon’s steep hills to see the city without all that pesky walking.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

The “world’s happiest city” is one of the gems of Northern Europe and its compact size makes it easy to get around by foot or bike. Explore the cobbled streets, check out the city’s hip shops and bars, walk along the waterfront or visit one of the city’s 16 Michelin-starred restaurants.

What to do: The Tivoli Gardens amusement park is a must-see, no matter what age you are.

7. Amsterdam, Holland

There’s more to Amsterdam than just coffee shops and the Red Light District. It’s a gorgeous city that’s probably best explored by bike. Take in the city’s quaint streets, lopsided buildings or get some culture in museums like the Van Gogh Museum or the Museum het Rembrandthuis.

What to do: Rent out a house boat and enjoy a couple of days/nights on an Amsterdam canal.

6. Berlin, Germany

One of Europe’s hippest cities, Berlin is almost like a country within a country. You’ll experience cutting-edge architecture and culture in a party town whose complicated history is highlighted by the ruins of the Berlin Wall.

What to do: Check out the Berlin night life. No matter what you’re into, you’ll find it in a city that caters for all tastes and doesn’t go to bed early.

5. San Sebastian, Spain

This coastal city in the Basque region exudes a chilled surfer vibe and cultured calm during the day but it really comes alive after dark. The nightlife centres around the bustling pintxo (tapas) bars, with locals and tourists wandering from bar to bar for a small beer and a quick bite.

What to do: Try the pintxos. Then try some more. They eat late in these parts so don’t be surprised if it’s quiet in the early evening.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

European city break

The Scottish capital is wrapped around rocky hills and there are lots of romantic walks in a historic city that's inextricably linked to its surroundings. It’s a beautiful place that combines the medieval charm of the old town with the structured elegance of its Georgian parts. There are also plenty of shops, museums and other attractions to explore.

What to do: Edinburgh Castle is an iconic landmark and it really has to be checked out if you’re in the city.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

European city break

Perhaps best known as the setting for Kings Landing in Game of Thrones, this epic walled city is a sight to behold. The pedestrian Old Town is a magical place and its combo of architecture and azure seas makes it a beautiful place to visit.

What to do: Take a cable car to the top of Mount Srdj to enjoy some breathtaking views of the city but it’s a good idea to book in advance.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

European city break

It’s a small city by European standards but it punches above its weight in terms of culture and sights. Iceland is full of spectacular natural features like geysers, waterfalls, lagoons, black-sanded beaches, volcanic mountains and more. Plan a day trip and go exploring.

What to do: The famous Blue Lagoon Spa is 47km from the city and you can enjoy a soak in this magical geothermal pool surrounded by mountains.

1. Venice, Italy

Venice looks like a city that was dreamt up by George RR Martin and you’ll be bewitched by its magical combination of narrow streets and interconnected waterways. Venice is romance, pure and simple, and it’s an ideal destination for a couple.

What to do: A gondola ride is pretty much a requirement if you're there with your other half.

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