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Can you relate?

Anyone who's been branded a 'millennial' in recent years will be fully aware of the struggle of obtaining work, finding a job you actually like and excel at, and the constant struggle of affording rent or saving for your first home.

And it appears that the stress seems to be getting to you all, as a new report suggests that almost three-quarters of twenty and thirty-something-year-olds living in The UK and Ireland are in a state of crisis.

The survey, conducted by LinkedIn, has revealed that 72% of young professionals surveyed felt that they had experienced a "quarter-life crisis," leading them to question their career path and life choices.

The survey revealed that the average age of a crisis like to occur is 26 years and nine months old — and it usually lasts around 11 months.

Yep, almost a full year of non-stop fretting.

While most will agree that the so-called quarter-life crises may be attributed to work, finding love and getting on the property ladder, it's also believed that the mixing of old-school traditions with new wave standards of life may be deeming things more unattainable.

These include a work/life balance, flexible working conditions, rapid promotion, and making a difference in the world, as well as the more traditional values of older generations, salary, marriage and home buying.


Turns out that wanting it all might actually even be bad for you... Who knew?

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