Expats rank Dublin as the worst city in the world to live in for housing 1 year ago

Expats rank Dublin as the worst city in the world to live in for housing

Nothing that some white water rafting won't fix though.

Dublin has been ranked as the worst city in the world to find a place to live, a new study has revealed.


The Expat Insider survey discovered that Ireland’s capital was the most difficult place in the world to find accommodation in 2019, when compared to 82 other cities that were surveyed.

With regards to the issue of housing, those surveyed were asked how satisfied they were with the affordability of housing and how easy it was to find housing.

88% of respondents rated the affordability of housing in Dublin negatively (double the global average of 44%), and 59% deemed the situation very bad.

A Portuguese expat described the Dublin rental market as “so bad it makes me consider leaving the country.”

Not only is housing expensive in Dublin, it is also difficult to find with the majority of expats (86%) disagreeing that accommodation is easy to find in Dublin.

San Francisco and Munich were voted as the second and third worst cities for those seeking accommodation.

This research into expat views asks additional questions about people's city of residence.


From the transportation options in their city to how easy it is for them to find housing to the local career opportunities, the Expat City Ranking covers a wide range of topics related to expat life.

The results focus on the quality of life, getting settled, work life, as well as finance and housing - providing an overview of the best and worst cities for expats worldwide.

More than 20,000 people living and working abroad from their home countries took part in the survey.

Dublin was also ranked 76th in terms of local cost of living.

This is the second year Dublin has topped the survey for having the least access to affordable housing.


In terms of overall ranking, Dublin is in 72nd place, but scored better in the "urban work life" category for job security and work-life balance.

Dublin receives its best results in the Urban Work Life Index (8th), with four in five respondents (80%) saying they're happy with their job security.

In fact, three-quarters of expats (75%) rate the career opportunities in Dublin favourably.

The Irish capital ranks fourth in the world for this factor, only behind Boston, San Francisco, and Prague.


Expats also consider the locals in Dublin to be friendlier towards foreign residents (80% positive responses vs. 64% globally) and find it easy to get used to Dublin’s culture (73% vs. 62% globally).

The top five destinations to move to were Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Singpore and Montreal. Expats were unhappiest in Kuwait city, followed by Rome, Milan, Lagos, and Paris.

The full survey can be found here.