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12th Nov 2021

FAI confirms young fan Ronaldo gave his jersey to “will not face any fine”

Stephen Porzio

The 11-year-old has been reassured she will not be fined.

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) has confirmed that the young girl that Cristiano Ronaldo gave his jersey to after Thursday’s match “will not face any fine”.

11-year-old Addison Whelan, who plays for Shelbourne under-13s, hurdled the barrier and ran onto the pitch to try and meet her hero following the game between the Republic of Ireland and Portugal.

For her efforts, the Portugal and Manchester United superstar handed his jersey to the young fan.

While there had been reports that Addison had been fined for running onto the pitch, the FAI told JOE in a statement that this is not the case.

“We want to reassure Addison that of course she will not face any fine for running onto the pitch and asking for Ronaldo’s jersey,” FAI Media and Football Relations Director Cathal Dervan said.

This was before adding: “On a serious note we would remind fans at all games that fines are liable to be levied by UEFA in certain instances for entering the field of play, particularly when the game is ongoing and we urge all fans to respect this very sensible rule.”

Speaking on Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio One on Friday morning, Addison explained that she was desperate to meet the superstar.

“First of all, I jumped over the barrier, because I was in the second row, and then I sprinted onto the pitch but there was security guys running behind me and there was another two coming from the other corner,” Addison said.

“I ran more towards the halfway line so I could swerve around them but then they caught me.

“So I was just screaming Ronaldo’s name.”

She added: “He turned around and he saw me and he was telling them to leave me.

“He came over to me and I was in shock and crying and said ‘can I have your jersey please, I’m a big huge fan’.

“He was saying ‘are you OK?’ and everything. When my dad saw him taking off his shirt, my dad’s face was just in shock.”

She said getting his jersey was a dream come true and that it was even more special because it was probably his last time playing in Ireland.

Addison added that Ronaldo said he appreciated the fact she was a massive fan of his while giving her the jersey.

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