Fanta lemon has apparently been discontinued 3 years ago

Fanta lemon has apparently been discontinued

The worst news of 2018.

The sun has got us all in a really good mood.


We don't get it often, but when we do, everyone has a spring in their step.

It just lifts our mood.

And what better way to enjoy the sun than with a delicious Fanta lemon?

Well, that will never happen again.

Because, it looks like Fanta lemon has been discontinued.

We're not 100% sure if this is a worldwide thing, but the official Fanta Twitter page confirmed the news this week, so it definitely doesn't look good.

There are definitely still some bottles and cans available in some stores around Ireland, so maybe we're the exception?


So if you are lucky enough to see one in the shops, enjoy it, because it might be your last.

That sounded a lot more morbid than we intended it to.