PICS: This Father Ted themed stag party made it all the way to the top of Croagh Patrick 4 years ago

PICS: This Father Ted themed stag party made it all the way to the top of Croagh Patrick

Well... some of them did.

You can expect to see plenty of people climbing one of the most iconic mountains in Ireland, Croagh Patrick, on weekends at this time of year, as long as the weather isn’t absolutely terrible, of course.


What you don’t expect to see too often is a bunch of men dressed in priest costumes climbing the mountain together, as was the case when a stag party attempted the feat in Mayo earlier today.

Judging by the pictures sent into us by one of the members of the party, Troy McNamara, at least 15 hardy bucks, including one man dressed as Jesus and two others we’re pretty sure are Father Hernandez and Bishop Brennan, set off from the statue of St. Patrick close to the bottom of the mountain...

By the time they got to the top, at least six of them were still standing; the lure of the church at the top was seemingly strong enough to keep them going on what is a pretty difficult trek to the summit.


Troy tells us that they couldn’t make it to Tedfest earlier on in the year so they decided to climb Croagh Patrick instead; you'll be glad to know they all made it safely to the bottom.

No word on whether there was even a limited supply of free drink...


All pictures via Twitter/Troy McNamara

Thankfully, they also seemed to avoid the type of falling out encountered by Ted and Dougal when they last visited a significant national landmark…


Clip via dirtydayz

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