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27th Dec 2015

Feeling a bit hungover today? Daniel Craig’s hangover cure could just save you

For all of you with sore heads

Alan Loughnane

Twas the day after St Stephen’s Day, and all round the country, a lot of people were fragile and scared of leaving the house…

If you were out having a few drinks with friends last night, or drinking like a mad eejit, there’s a good chance you’re feeling somewhat hungover today.

But never fear, because Daniel Craig has the answer to what ills you…

In a recent interview with dujour, Craig revealed his go-to technique for curing his hangover, he must have learned from all those vodka martinis he drinks as James Bond.

“There’s this thing called Pedialyte. It’s basically a diuretic; you give it to kids who are dehydrated. If you wake up in the morning and you’ve got one of those on standby and you down the whole lot… you can carry on drinking!”

It turns out that it was Mark Wahlberg, who is a very good friend of JOE (we’re calling him our friend, we don’t care), who gave Craig the idea.

As far as we know, do correct us if we’re wrong, Pedialyte is not available in Ireland, but the equivalent to it on the Irish market is Dioralyte which is available in most pharmacies and stores across the country.

However, the only foolproof way we know of avoiding a hangover is not to drink alcohol in the first place…

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