Deliveroo are looking for someone to be their official "festival food taster" 2 years ago

Deliveroo are looking for someone to be their official "festival food taster"

Judging food at Ireland's biggest festivals? Sounds like a dream job to us.

Is it just us or does food always taste better when you're at a festival?


Maybe it's because you're on an absolute winner with all your friends, the tunes blaring, or maybe it's the nature of the outdoor environment you're in, but the simplest of meals is transformed into something special.

Trying as much food as possible throughout the span of a festival is often a highlight of some people's weekends.

And if you are this type of person, then this job is definitely for you.

Deliveroo are looking for someone to attend large Irish and UK festivals to taste food and critique it.

Sounds like something you'd be interested in?

They are looking for someone who has a keen understanding of the Irish and UK festival scene, and you will also need to propose certain festivals to attend, and then actually be willing to attend to them.

If this sounds like you're sort of thing, you can apply for the dream job here.


Speaking about the gig, a spokesperson for Deliveroo had this to say:

"We love our festivals, just like we love our food. We want to reward one lucky festival fanatic with the job of a lifetime, combining both.

"We’re seeking someone who shares Deliveroo’s innovative flair - happy to sample new and exciting foods and report on them, while having a good time of course."