FINALLY! McDonald's has finally revealed why it doesn't give out mayonnaise 3 years ago

FINALLY! McDonald's has finally revealed why it doesn't give out mayonnaise

Can we all just agree that mayo is life, yeah?

No, not the county that's hell-bent on winning an All-Ireland but the delicious, delicious condiment.


It's literally the glue of the food world, bringing otherwise unrelated ingredients together in a stunning symphony of texture and flavour and we won't hear otherwise.

If nothing else, mayonnaise is a very basic thing to ask a restaurant to offer but sadly, McDonalds's just isn't on board.


We've long wondered why you can't get it at McDonald's, considering you can get all sorts of other dips there. Like, that tangy curry one, but no mayo? Really?

Plus they do put mayo in their McChicken Sandwiches, so there's really no excuse.


So what's the reason for the lack of mayo?

Was the founder of the chain horribly allergic to it? Does a volatile egg market make mayo unviable? Is it tricky to store or keep fresh?

No. The reason, McDonald's says, is because there's not enough demand for mayonnaise from customers.

The fast food company told Cosmopolitan that not enough people want mayo to make offering it worthwhile.


"What we offer in our restaurants is based on customer demand," a spokesperson said.

"We don’t currently have any plans for mayonnaise to be made available."

That just doesn't sound right but there is a sneaky way around this.

As Cosmo points out, if you ask a staff member nicely enough to put some of the McChicken Sandwich sauce in a cup lid for you they might just oblige.