'Fishing' is the latest dating trend and you may already be familiar with it 3 years ago

'Fishing' is the latest dating trend and you may already be familiar with it

Online dating can be rough.

We've had ghosting, bread-crumbing, Gatsbying, benching and even freckling and now there's another dating trend to get our heads around - fishing.


It's not a wildly original technique, and it's something you've either had done to you or that you've done to other people.

Not to be confused with catfishing, whereby someone uses someone else's pictures on a dating profile, it means swiping right on everyone on a dating app and then sifting through your matches to see who you might want to talk to.

Rather than be picky with who you like, it allows you to be picky once you know who likes you.

It also applies outside of dating apps too.


The classic, seemingly out-of-the blue "how are you?" Facebook message that you just know has been sent to 10 other people as well as you? That's fishing, too.

So is there anything technically wrong with fishing? While we don't love the idea of it, we get why someone might feel the need to do it.

It might not make you feel special to know that you're just one of a number of people being weighed up on a stranger's phone, but casting a wide net does save time.

If nothing else, spotting a fisher should be pretty easy.


Look out for generic, copy-and-paste banter that doesn't apply directly to you and recognise that 'random' late-night message for what it is.