Five apps you'll need at the Galway Races 4 years ago

Five apps you'll need at the Galway Races

Survival apps for Ballybrit.

Phone, wallet, keys is the age old checklist before leaving the house and this is the checklist for the Galway Races, these five apps are your sole survival guide to making the most of the Galway Races so pay attention and get downloading.

The Galway App

There is no better way to get around the town than with the Galway App which recommends the best things to see and do, the top places to eat and drink and the most reputable places to rest up after a long day at the races.

Galway app

The JOE App

Next on your list is the JOE App for all the news and stories from the day.

If you spot any shenanigans, yes we just said "shenanagins," send your photos and videos to



Of course, heading to the races you will be looking to place a bet or two and there is a number of betting apps to choose from to help you skip the queues.

Make sure you have one downloaded for the moments after you meet an "expert" tipster in the jacks.

Knowing whether or not it is going to pour from the heavens is a definite must for the Galway Races, especially if you are going out for the day.

So download this handy app and you are safe in the knowledge of whether of not to bring the raincoat with you on your travels.



For the late nights and the lazy days here's one to get you where you need to go and home when you really need to sleep.

Don't forget to download this one you could very well need it for an impromptu spell of rain. We all know how accurate the weather forecast can be.

Hat-tip to Siliconrepublic