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22nd Apr 2018

WATCH: Stag’s party playing footgolf in Westport ends hilariously

Rory Cashin

Yes, it ends exactly how you expect it to, and yes, it is still funny.

There is something inherently hilarious about playing footgolf.

It features none of the skill of football, combined with none of the skill of golf, but somehow still requires more skill than both of those actual sports combined.

JOE reader Jordan Clarke sent us in this video of him and his mates playing footgolf on a stag’s party in Westport, County Mayo, and what begins as ridiculous soon spirals into something truly hilarious.

Jordan was joined by his fellow Meath mates Conor, Darren, Daniel, Joe, Finian and Paddy, for a water-logged game of strategic ball-kicking-into-the-hole, when Alex wanders around trying to help them all retrieve their lost footballs.

You can tell right from the get-go how this is going to end, but it is just a matter of when it will happen, and how bad it will actually be once it does.


Thanks again to Jordan Clarke for sending this in to us!