Ford Fiesta ST named TopGear Magazine’s Car of the Year 2013 6 years ago
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Ford Fiesta ST named TopGear Magazine’s Car of the Year 2013

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The Ford Fiesta ST has just received one of the biggest accolades awarded in the motoring world - TopGear Magazine’s Car of the Year 2013. In fairness, it’s a great little motor…

It’s officially official… the Ford Fiesta ST is one of the hottest cars on the market right now. The ST beat some stiff competition in order to be crowned the best car of 2013 by the TopGear Magazine writers, including the €900,000+ McLaren P1 supercar (that’s the one on the front of Forza 5).

According to the guys from TopGear Magazine, the Fiesta ST is, “A car that invigorates, excites and rekindles some of the love you thought you’d lost for the simple stuff. A car that puts a smile on your face each and every day. It’s the most enjoyable car of 2013.

“Fiesta ST does all of the things a hot hatch must do… the difference with the Ford is that it does them for an affordable price." The Fiesta ST is €25,760 in Ireland, in case you're wondering.

"Often this would mean it lacks something the others have. But no, it has 180 horsepower. It looks cracking. The chassis is as lovingly engineered as a McLaren’s.

“It grips and goes better than the others and – as far as we can see – there is no catch. The dealers could charge a few grand more, and it’d still feel like a good deal. But they don’t, and good on them. Power to the People? It’s borderline socialist.”

Eddie Murphy, Chairman and Managing Director, Ford Ireland, said:  “Love them or loathe them, the Top Gear team know their cars and that is why this is such a great win for the Fiesta ST.  The car seems to impress everybody who gets behind the wheel, and the TopGear magazine judges are no exception.  We are delighted to see the car recognised as such an enjoyable and value-for-money proposition.”

Keep your eye out on the streets of Dublin as you may see top model Nadia Forde (pictured above) driving around in one. "Do you come with the car?" etc.

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