WATCH: This is probably why most people don't try to buddy up with foxes 4 years ago

WATCH: This is probably why most people don't try to buddy up with foxes

"He stole my fucking wallet!"

Clichés can be irritating, because we hear them so often. In saying that, they often became overused for a pretty good reason.


In other words, they are accurate.

This might have been one of the issues that Reddit user Tootsaysthetrain should have considered when he tried to make friends with a fox that he spotted in an alley way.

Approaching the critter in order to get a video of it somewhere along the line, it would appear he forgot the expression "sly as a fox". Mistaking the animal's curiosity for actual hunger, pretty quickly the situation escalated when the critter snatched his wallet and made a break for it.

Chasing the cash-hungry beast into a garden and through a neighbourhood, all the while managing to film the ordeal, in the end the fox was able to make off with the wallet.


Nobody really won though, because while the fox managed to swipe a wallet, he wasn't exactly taken by the taste of leather and dumped it.

By chance, the Reddit user managed to find his wallet and sent out an update, celebrating the discovery of this chewed up and soggy case.

Later next morning...


Credit where credit's due though, while this fella might not have seen any value in the wallet himself, he still managed to hone in on what was probably the most invaluable thing on this man's person.