Frankie Boyle's review of 2018 is the must-read takedown of the year 2 years ago

Frankie Boyle's review of 2018 is the must-read takedown of the year

Put a few minutes aside for this.

"Let's forget Brexit and enjoy our last Christmas with running water..."


Never one to mince his words, especially not when there's a politician that can be ground up into mincemeat instead, Frankie Boyle has contributed his final piece of 2018 to The Guardian, and it might be his best work to date.

Painfully funny and rightfully angry, Boyle goes in on the living nightmare that has been the last 12 months, taking everyone responsible to task for landing us in the situation we're all currently trapped in.

He breaks the year down into specifically horrific subheads, with "The Brexit Endgame" getting top billing, quickly followed by "A Saudi Arabian Horror Show", "Trump Trumps Himself", and ending with "A Climate Of Fear".

For a taste of what to expect, here is just a short burst of Boyle's musings on the future of Britain post-Brexit:

"Paradoxically, I think Brexit will actually lead to less nationalism: economic collapse meaning that borders lose all their current toxicity, as they’re constantly redrawn in a never-ending struggle between regional warlords, antibiotic-resistant microbes and organ-harvesting cyborgs.

"Our children will have less inclination to dwell on skin colour as they’ll be preoccupied with appeasing the whims of some pitiless, scab-encrusted Cyclops waving a horse’s hoof nailed to a broomstick, roaring for fresh meat as he plays his three-note national anthem on a ribcage xylophone."

You can read the full piece on The Guardian right here, which we obviously fully recommend you to do.


Meanwhile, Boyle's piece has been getting some tremendous reactions online: