Frank's RedHot Sauce is now selling Bloody Marys in a can and we want to down it 1 year ago

Frank's RedHot Sauce is now selling Bloody Marys in a can and we want to down it

Spicy, spicy.

Frank's RedHot sauce is good on just about everything.


Fries? Frank's is good. Pasta? Frank's is good. Rice, eggs, and your Sunday roast dinner? Frank's is most definitely good.

There are a special breed of folk among us (me) who enjoy splashing a bit of spicy red goodness all over every single meal they have.

And with good reason too.

And while residing in Ireland unfortunately means that we are unable to avail of the series of delicious Franks' RedHot collabs that have appeared over the years, it doesn't mean that we can't get excited about the prospect of them.

.... While simultaneously hoping that somebody brings us back a load of them the next time they're Stateside.


One such items is the above Frank's RedHot Bloody Mary in a can - a beverage that is equal parts alcoholic, spicy, and totally tasty.

(Probably, I haven't tried it. As aforementioned.)

The collab, which is currently available in select Walmarts across the US, includes Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce mixed in with a 5.5 percent Bloody Mary cocktail.

"It all started one day grilling in the backyard when a good friend served up Bloody Marys made with Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce," says the product description.

"The combination of flavour and heat was love at first taste! As beverage people, we knew this has to be bottled and shared!"


Will have to take your word for it, mate.