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03rd Apr 2014

Gallery: Gagliardi’s Spring/Summer collection adds some Mediterranean flare to your wardrobe

We're in the mood for Summer already with the latest collection from Gagliardi


We’re in the mood for Summer already with the latest collection from Gagliardi

Gagliardi is a brand whose roots are most definitely Mediterranean, and their latest Spring/Summer collection showcases that perfectly, with strong colours and style that will work perfectly whether you’re on the Riviera or just hanging around grabbing a coffee by the Liffey.

In Autumn/Winter, we do tend to dress with colours that are a little bit more drab, but when the sun comes out, we should try and inject a dash of vibrancy in with lighter shades, brighter tones and a bit more joie de vivre.

This season’s range comes inspired by the fashionable Italian coastal resort location of Amalfi. Whilst resting on tried and tested tailoring specialities, styles are turned around and brightened up with flair and colour, prints and pinstripes plus the odd polka dot that makes the collection stand out from the crowd.

Nautical colours like navy and white feature strongly, while lemon yellow, pink, burnt orange and sky blue are there to add the little bit of brightness that will make sure everyone knows it’s Spring.

Little touches like the lining on the inside of the jackets (with complementary colours and silks) as well as sturdy but soft fabrics, like hopsack or baby herringbone, mean the collection as a whole is finely tuned from head to toe. The addition of a few pieces with a granddad collar (a personal favourite of JOEs) as well as a Tattersall check and a Chambray look.

Trousers and shorts will be a key part of any summer outfit, and in this collection they bring on the feel of boating with light shades, basket weaves, white piping, raised rib shorts, and regatta stripes. There are some great touches that show the extra attention Gagliardi put into all their garments such as the non-slip inner waistband, which will come in handy for the days where the weather gets fierce close.

There are other classic fabrics for warm weather in there too, such as Seersucker stripes and linen, as well as Summer patterns like gingham checks, and an interesting denim de-constructed jacket to boot. Overall, the collection is made to be noticed, but in a subtle way that will make sure you grab attention, without screaming for approval. All you will need to thoroughly complete the look is a shot of Limoncello or an ice-cold Peroni and you’re all set to go…

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