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29th Nov 2014

Gallery: We hit the streets of Dublin to see what Movember means to you

This is our last chance to celebrate the great, the good and the downright sexiest Mos.

Tony Cuddihy

This is our last chance to celebrate the great, the good and the downright sexiest Mos.

Movember Ireland are hoping for one of their biggest years yet in terms of both fundraising and increasing awareness around prostate and testicular cancer.

Having raised  €8.7m in the six years up to 2013, it is hoped that a record number of donations will be received over the coming weeks, well into December.

Neil Rooney, Movember’s Irish Country Manager, says that fundraising is massively important in the fight against cancer but the importance of awareness – and getting checked early – can not be underestimated.

“There’s no cure to cancer on the horizon so what we’re trying to do is get guys to get checked. Men in the 20s and 30s are often reluctant to go and see a doctor, but it is something that can ultimately save lives,” he told JOE.

JOE hit the streets of Dublin this week and asked some passers-by the stories behind their Mos.

The faces of Movember…


Brian: “It’s not strictly a Movember, I mean my facial hair comes and goes. But I have done it before a few times. Right now I’ve had this for a while.”


Neale: “I’m just doing this for Movember, I think it’s a great cause and everyone should get behind it.”


Dev: “People keep saying no when you ask them for a photo?! Jesus, why? I’m delighted, go for it! I’ve had this for about four years but I only shaved into my chin recently to make it a Mo. I went to an event called ‘Tash and Tatts’ and got this style. It’s gas, last year at Halloween I went as ‘Ming the Merciless’.”


Stephen: “I did Movember one year and then when it came time to shave I just left it. That was like three years ago. At the time of it I had shaved my head so there was a period where I looked like some eastern European gangster.”


Noel: “I’ve had this moustache for years, I’ll tell you why I grew it. Years ago I used to have my hair really long, and when I went to dances all the fellas would see the hair and ask me to dance. I had to grow my moustache to keep them away, and I’ve had it since.”


Graham: “​I’ve had this a good while, you caught me on a bad day because normally I have it all waxed up. I use Cocoa Butter, it has bees wax in it so it stays curled up. People ask me so often if it’s for Movember that I just say yeah now, it’s handier! But it took a bit longer than a month to get this going.”

Click here to reach the official Movember Ireland website.. Well done to everyone who got involved.

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