Proposal could see the end of two of Galway Christmas Market's biggest attractions 2 years ago

Proposal could see the end of two of Galway Christmas Market's biggest attractions

Galway doesn't need the 'Blackpool effect.'

Galway is a beautiful city at any time of the year, make no mistake about that.

The music that fills Shop Street during the middle of the day makes you unconsciously stop and listen and there is no better place to be on a sunny summer's day then the green at Eyre Square.

In September, the same green was filled with the colour of maroon as the people from the town of the Tribe watched their beloved Galway lift the Liam MacCarthy Cup.

Come November, the same green will hold the annual Galway Continental Christmas Market which is famous for many things, especially the German-inspired Beer Tent, but sadly, the main attraction might be about to go.

Furthermore, another feature of the Market that could be up for the chop is the Ferris Wheel.

The 2016 Market saw the introduction of the Ferris Wheel, which was constructed in the middle of Eyre Square, just outside Supermac's.

As it lifts you up higher and higher, the city of Galway becomes nothing more than a sea of little lights in the night time.

The views during the day are obviously different but equally as beautiful as those at night.

However, according to Connacht Tribune, a city councillor has demanded that the Council exclude the 'bier keller' and Wheel from this year's Galway Continental Christmas Market.

Speaking to JOE, Councillor Padraig Conneely said that the inclusion of the beer tent in a public space was at odds with the city's participation in the  World Health Organisation’s European Healthy Cities Network - Galway has been a member since 2006.

"The Network outlines the difficulty that comes with drinking and Galway has enough licences and off-licences in the city without the beer tent.

"When the beer tent is erected, it becomes the biggest bar in Galway and quite frankly, it makes us look hypocritical to celebrate this beer tent but yet be apart of the Network."

Additionally, regarding the Ferris Wheel, Conneely said that there was no need for the 'Blackpool Effect' at the Market and that wheel was disrupting people's welfare.

"There are around 700 taxis in the city and the Wheel blocks up the taxi rank, meaning that the taxis have to move and sometimes leads to them even obstructing traffic.

"Furthermore, it has got nothing to do with the Christmas Market, it'd be more suited to a funfair.

"The license application that has to be submitted does not facilitate for a Ferris Wheel. The license will be granted next week and the taxi drivers have sent in their submission for rejection also.

"Nobody was aware of the Wheel last year and by the time it was talked about, it was too late but hopefully that won't be the case this year," he concluded.