Gareth O'Callaghan to present his last show on Classic Hits 4FM today 11 months ago

Gareth O'Callaghan to present his last show on Classic Hits 4FM today

A sad day.

Author and broadcaster Gareth O’Callaghan has announced that Friday afternoon will be his last slot on Classic Hits FM.

This comes after the radio presenter revealed, just last week, that he was suffering from a rare neurodegenerative illness known as Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).

MSA affects your body's involuntary functions, including blood pressure, breathing, bladder function and muscle control. Some 3,300 people in the UK and Ireland are currently enduring it.

In O'Callaghan's own words, it is "very progressive and sadly incurable".

The 57-year-old is a veteran figure in Irish media, having presented shows on RTÉ 2fm for much of his career as well as a show on Galway Bay FM.

An accomplished author, O'Callaghan has been writing since 1995. To date, he is the author of six bestselling works - five novels and a memoir.

He took to Twitter to announce his "final blast" on the radio station.

"Ghetto blasters full volume. Car radios pump it loud," he wrote.

"Wide and varied selection of tunes and chat. Refreshments should be chilled and ready. "Celebrate good times, come on!" Who were the band? Should be a good Friday".

O'Callaghan joined Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio One on Tuesday morning to inform the masses of his next step.

He told Ryan that he plans to return to West Cork, opting to spend his time writing and doing things that are "good for the soul".

Speaking of the illness that is causing him to return to his roots, Gareth spoke of there being some "very dark moments", finally saying that the happy Gareth is battling the sick Gareth.

He believes that his positive attitude will be the saving of him, something which was obvious in his interview with Ryan Tubridy.

"I'm not afraid to die. Death doesn't scare me, I just don't want to die. I want to live on and I want to keep living."

Main image via Facebook/Gareth O'Callaghan