JOE’s General Knowledge Quiz with a twist: Week Six 9 months ago

JOE’s General Knowledge Quiz with a twist: Week Six

We're calling it; you're not going to get 10/10 here.

JOE’s weekly General Knowledge quiz with a twist is here, once again asking readers to try and beat the clock to answer 10 questions, with the next question not appearing on screen until the previous one has been answered correctly.

This week, the theme is Irish TV shows and as usual, the idea is that it starts off with relatively easy questions but then becomes increasingly difficult as the quiz goes on, with the pressure rising as the clock ticks away in the background.

Participants will have to jog their memories to recall shows from as far back as the 1980s to the present day and while there are a few questions in there that will cause plenty of headaches, there are others that everyone should be answering with precious little difficulty.

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The clock starts and the quiz begins as soon as you press 'Play' below...