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05th Nov 2013

Gentleman JOE: Making a man’s drink

Making drinking classy, and in moderation of course


Making drinking classy, and in moderation of course

There’s plenty of football on this week, it’s cold in the evenings, and we will be spending a good bit more time inside rather than outdoors, so that means one thing: we need to stay hydrated and well fed.

When it comes to food, we’ll certainly have a few ideas on that front later, but Gentleman JOE has a few suggestions for what to drink first, from craft beers to manly cocktails.

We’ll start with a classic, one that Don Draper himself would make, known as the Old Fashioned. Simple on first appearances, but there are a few things that you should always remember when mixing this up: The quality of bourbon (or rye) that you use will be key, and you can add fruit like cherries if you want, but try not to go too overboard on the sweetness. Get an Old Fashioned glass if you can too.

What’s the difference between bourbon and rye? Well, they’re both types of whiskey where rye has rye in it (hence the name, funnily enough) while bourbon is made with at least 51% corn in the mix. That can lead to it being that little bit sweeter.

Cheap bourbon will be particularly sweet, but there’s nothing wrong with that we have to say. The more expensive bourbon gets, the more reluctant we’d be to put it in an Old Fashioned and just have it straight, but if you’re feeling flahulach then lash in whatever one you feel like.

But first, start with half a spoon of sugar in the bottom of the glass, and add two or three drops of Angostura bitters. Add in a drop of club soda so that you can mush up the sugar and bitters with a spoon, and then rotate the glass so that it’s lined with the mixture.


Now it’s time for the alcohol, add in your bourbon or rye, two big cubes of ice and then add a little twist of orange skin (zest if you will), and maybe a cherry if you have them knocking around the house. Give it a mix, add some more soda water if you want, and sit back to enjoy your evening in. Maybe loosen the tie a little, but not all the way, we want to stay fairly classy here. logo
Main pic via the good folks at Tommy Hilfiger

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