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17th Nov 2013

Gentleman JOE: The Rusty Nail with an Irish twist

JOE takes a look at a classic cocktail that Don Draper himself would be a fan of


JOE takes a look at a classic cocktail that Don Draper himself would be a fan of

There are plenty of cocktails that you can make that would be the perfect fit for a winter’s night in, like last week’s Old Fashioned but the traditional Rusty Nail is what we turn our eye to this evening, with an Irish twist. The twist is that there’s more booze in it.

Not just that though, but we’ve decided to opt for an Irish whiskey instead of Scottish (the usual recipe calls for Drambuie with a good Scottish whiskey), but the lads at Teelings have just released a Single Grain Irish whiskey that, thanks to it having a little bit of extra spice, would work well with the sweetness of the Drambuie.

Teeling Whiskey Single Grain

This can also be enjoyed over ice on its own if you really want to appreciate the flavour, but Teelings also have a small batch whiskey which would be ideal for that either.

For the recipe you’ll need your bottle of Teelings single grain, Drambuie (although you can also use Glayva if you happen to have that lying around the house for some reason) and some ice, as well as a lemon twist.

The secret is in the mix, so the terrible news is that you’ll have to experiment a few times to get this to your tastes, but generally the more Drambuie you add, the sweeter the finished product will be. Put a decent serving of ice in your glass and start out with about half a shot (roughly a tablespoon full) of Drambuie if you can measure that by eye, and work your way up to see what you enjoy.

Put in a full shot of the whiskey and then give the whole thing a good stir to make sure they mix well. Add in a the little bit of lemon peel for a hint of sour as a garnish, but if like JOE you find you have no lemons in the house at the time, you can throw in some lime either, like what’s in the picture here. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

Serve it on a silver tray if you want to carry the classic gentleman/badass vibe through, but we recommend you just drink it and enjoy it.

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