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09th Nov 2018

WATCH: Gerry Adams talking about his new cookbook might be the funniest thing of 2018

Rory Cashin

‘I almost called it Come Out You Rack Of Lamb.’

Well now… here we are.

Joining people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, and Ellen Degeneres in the long list of famous folk who have published a cookbook, we can now add… Gerry Adams.

In the launch video (see below), Adams begins the advert hidden in some bushes, asking, “Can you see me?”, before popping out and introducing himself and giving the viewer some backstory as to who he is.

He then tells us he is going to be let us in on one of the biggest secrets of the peace process, saying, “When you bring together a group of hungry republicans, they have to be fed…”

And he means that literally.

He then lists some names of folk who helped to feed the group, including Ted Howell and Pádraic Wilson – “A really wonderful maker of delicate little… sweets and desserts” – before a hand appears from the bush and gives Adams a copy of the cookbook, to which Adams replies, “Go raibh maith agat, Bush.”

We then head indoors with Adams, who tells us some of the alternative titles that the book had – “The Peas Process…” – and informs the viewer that The Negotiator’s Cook Book is a must-have for any cabinet.

The book, should you want it, is available to buy right now, but the video advert alone must be seen to be believed:

Clip via Sinn Féin

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