Get your Ibiza adrenalin rush with these must do activities before you leave 6 years ago

Get your Ibiza adrenalin rush with these must do activities before you leave

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If you've finished up with school/college/dossing at work for the year and you're thinking of heading away for some sun, sea, sand and cerveza (that's beer, in case you didn't know), then look no further than some of the incredible adventure sports that Ibiza has to offer.


As much as we like chilling on the beach with some music and beers, JOE does get restless so we need a fix of adrenaline to keep us on edge while we slowly get ridiculously sunburned. If you've already booked your flights to the brilliant Balearic Island then here are three of the best adrenaline inducing things that you can do once you're there. Put down that bucket and spade, this is where the real fun is at.

Just remember to be safe out there and pack your Factor 150 suncream, yeah?


Much like having an ice-cold drink on the beach, this is something that JOE definitely recommends you try out. There really is nothing quite like soaring through the air 400-meters high and getting a bird's-eye view of the beautiful island from above. It's the next best thing to being an actual bird we hear.

Take Off Ibiza offers a 2-hour parasailing trip where you can see loads of islands that are full of wildlife, distant mountains and the beautiful beaches of San Antonio Bay. If that wasn't enough, the boat also provides drinks and music. Just don't scream too loud when you're floating in the air, you may make the birds go deaf. Take Off Image via - Take off Ibiza

Windsurfing/Kite Surfing

If you're going to Ibiza then you have absolutely no excuse not to get into the water, unless you saw Jaws and are completely afraid of sharks... then that's ok.


Good news though. There are no sharks in Ibiza. Better news. The water ranges from 18º C - 26º so it's probably warmer than JOE's own bath tub.

In the high season, there is rarely enough wind for seasoned sailing professionals but it's perfect for amateurs so why not give it a try. The most popular beaches to try this on are Cala Martina, Playa Pinet and Playa d'en Bossa. Of these, Cala Martina is probably the easiest for new starters because it has plenty of flat and shallow water. Let's face it, it's probably better landing into the water in Ibiza than off the west coast of Ireland. Grrrrr its sooo cold. Windsurfing

Aguamar Water Park

JOE's first experience of a water slide was in Clara Lara and lets just say that Ibiza has a fair but more to offer than Wicklow's finest.

Aguamar Waterpark, located in downtown Playa d'en Bossa, is a must for all island revellers that are looking for an alternative to the beach. The largest water park on the island offers 7 slides in total and we particularly recommend the Kamikaze and Black Hole; when JOE finished on these we went straight back to queueing.


Also, if you want to keep some of your money for some beers then you also are allowed to take your own lunch into the water park and eat in the shaded picnic areas. Quite frankly, JOE doesn't trust people that don't like water slides. Cue shifty eyes. Aguamar Image via - Ibiza Spotlight

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