‘Ghostbuster’ in China arrested after penis exorcism 7 years ago

‘Ghostbuster’ in China arrested after penis exorcism

A man in China has been arrested after charging handsomely to perform an exorcism on a woman with his penis.

The self-proclaimed ghost-buster Huang Jianjun is now balls-deep in trouble with the authorities after performing the exorcism at a cost of 20,000 yuan, almost €2,500.


The Huffington Post explains how it all came to pass and it involves a woman who was deeply infatuated with her boss. So much so that she contacted Huang who she thought would help her with her plight.

Huang met the woman in a hotel and informed her that her vagina was cursed and once this was rectified, she would be able to seduce her boss.

Huang asked the woman to strip down, and after she agreed to this, told her that the only way to exorcise the ghosts was with his penis. Naturally.

And not only that, she was charged a hefty sum for the ‘pleasure’.

She later contacted authorities and Huang was arrested, who allegedly told his co-worker that he had sacrificed his virginity for the exorcism.

Huang is currently awaiting trial in Guangzhou.