Giant killer hornets causing havoc in China 7 years ago

Giant killer hornets causing havoc in China

Chinese authorities have sent exterminators to Shaanxi province to address a killer hornets that have already claimed 42 lives.

The northern province has been under siege in recent months from huge hornets that have killed 42 people and left another 1,600 with bullet like wounds. With fears that the problem is going to spread and claim more lives, the Chines government has taken drastic action.


Authorities have mobilised a special medic team and trained more medical personnel to treat victims and considering hornets are the main breeding months, the government wants to get a handle on the situation.

Some victims have described being chased about 200 metres by the deadly insects, though generally attacks on humans, up until now, had been relatively rare.


Pic credit: Reuters

And it’s not just on us humans where they show little mercy. The predatory hornets will send out scouts to look for honeybee hives for them to colonise.  When one is found the scout will leave a pheromone trail which other hornets will then follow, before using their jaws to decapitate the bees. How charming.


The bullet-hole size wounds


Spain has already recorded traces of the hornets, but it is hoped the problem will be tackled before it spreads elsewhere.