Glow-in-the-dark fashion might be 2019's biggest new trend 3 years ago

Glow-in-the-dark fashion might be 2019's biggest new trend

Three of the world's biggest fashion designers have debuted glow-in-the-dark looks on the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion is cyclical.


What was once in fashion, will go out of fashion, only to be reborn in some form and made fashionable once again.

Remember when we thought we were all done with bootcut jeans? Nope!

Well, it looks like another 90's fashion cornerstone is making something of a comeback, as Paris Fashion Week was in full swing this week and three of the major designers have revealed what can only be described as glow-in-the-dark looks.

It started subtly enough, with Louis Vuitton showing off their new day-glo, hi-lite bags:


Then we've got Yves Saint Laurent, who launched a series of neon looks, described by Vogue Magazine as follows:

"[They] were a neon, club kid’s dream with the blue light turned up and a whole host of glowing Saint Laurent looks let loose on the runway."


"Apart from being what we can only assume will be an instant hit with the street style peacocks, [they are] offering the people what they truly want and desire: pieces that are a sure-fire Instagram hit and just plain fun to wear."

This too follows on from Iris Van Herpen, who is also taking on the neon, light-up approach, although admittedly just from the ankle down at the moment:


So with the men's bags and ladies' dresses all visible in the dark, or at least with the assistance of a blacklight, that should mean that before too long, day-glo neon looks will start to filter down to the department stores and local designers.

What do you reckon - would you be up for trying out the new trend on a night out?