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28th Jan 2023

Parents left in shock after gorillas start mating in front of kids at zoo

Jack Peat

Gorilla zoo

‘Ok no, no, no I’ve seen too much.’

Parents were left in a state of shock after two gorillas started mating in plain sight at a zoo. Families out for an innocent walk around the great ape enclosures found themselves getting more than they bargained for after two of the animals started going at it.

Seemingly unfazed by people and, indeed, their own family watching on, the horny couple started doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel after a brief moment of courtship.

Unfortunately, the lack of pre-coital intimacy gave parents visiting the zoo scant warning as to what was about to happenĀ as they pretty much just got into position and started going at it.

They were left transfixed on visuals of the gorilla’s slightly shuddering arse.

At one point one of the younger gorillas approached the mating pair, sitting right behind the male and even putting a hand on his backside, while thankfully blocking most of what was going on.

Commenting in the background, one person can be heard describing it as like watching a ‘porno film’.

As the realisation dawned they said, “Ok no, no, no I’ve seen too much”.

Last year, in a more wholesome moment, one chimpanzee escaped a zoo in Ukraine only to be returned to the park on a bicycle with a raincoat on.

Journalist Hanna Liubakova shared the clip on Twitter which shows the chimp, named Chichi, wandering around the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

She had escaped from a local zoo, with zoo employees unable to tempt her back to them. But when it started to rain, they had a plan.

Liubakova said: “In Kharkiv, a chimpanzee escaped from a zoo. It was walking around the city while zoo employees tried to convince it to return.

“Suddenly it started to rain, and the ape ran to a zoo employee for a jacket and then agreed to return to the zoo.”

The video has since been viewed more than 4.6 million times and racked up almost 150,000 likes.

Watch it in full below:

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